It was a chilly evening as we made our way into Epcot through Future World and back into World Showcase. Tonight we were heading to the Signature Dining experience, Le Cellier Steakhouse in the Canada Pavilion.

We were sat as promptly as to be expected for our ADR and in no time we were greeted by a server.  He was lovely and I started with a cocktail and mom started with the wine (red) that would pair with her steak. They have a wonderful bread basket here as well that we enjoyed but tried not to overindulge on as to save room for more later!

We got appetizers against our better judgement, knowing how we often end up too full by the time our entrees come, but Mom got mussels and I did the beet salad. Mom decided the red didn’t go with her appetizer dish and got the white that paired instead to save the red for the steak.  This was no problem at all and easily accommodated! I love the pairing of beets and goat cheese which is why I ordered this particular app, but I couldn’t find the goat cheese on my salad… Because they forgot to put it in! They brought me a separate plate of it to add. Much better once I had the goat cheese to compliment it. The salad was nice and small so I could save room for steak, but for the price I probably would have expected a bit more honestly.  I typically order the Cheddar Cheese Soup which this restaurant is so known for, but that’s when I’m easily left too full for a steak when it arrives in front of me.

P.E.I. Mussels – white sine steamed Prince Edward Island mussels, fennel salame, ramp aioli, toasted pretzel crumb

Winter Beets and Black Garlic Goat Cheese – baby beets, black garlic goat cheese, pumpkin seed-bacon crumb, mustard vinaigrette, grapefruit

A close up once they brought the goat cheese balls.

Next up were our entrees. Of course this is a steakhouse so I did the filet but asked for the maple sage butter instead of what it’s normally accompanied by because it sounded so yummy!. Mom got the NY strip I believe, that’s her usual cut of choice.

Angus New York Strip – garlic herb rosti, wilted kale, cabernet butter

“Le Cellier” Filet Mignon – AAA Canadian Beef Tenderloin, mushroom risotto, heirloom toy box tomatoes, truffle butter sauce

Mom’s steak was unfortunately overcooked and very gristly. The flavors were good but it was still a disappointment. Mine was undercooked but that was okay with me as the steak was tender and the flavors were delicious. I don’t know why we always have this problem when we go out for steaks, they just can’t seem to get us right and always undercook mine and overcook hers (at home or Disney)! I want to say the steak ended up coming off the bill because mom really didn’t enjoy it with all the gristle, it was just a bad cut of meat and honestly shouldn’t have been served in that way at a place of this quality.

Even though we were pretty full at this point, we still opted to try a dessert because we were quite intrigued by this one! So yummy!  The presentation was beautiful and the cheesecake was delicious, smooth and creamy without being overly sweet.

Camembert Cheesecake – double cream cheesecake, cherry gelee, pistachio cream Florentine

As a Signature Restaurant, this meal was certainly up there on the price scale, and for those price points you really expect everything to be amazing.  I will say the service absolutely made up for any bumps along the way, so we were quite happy when we left.

Would we return? Probably. The flavors are so wonderful here and so is the service! The steak was unfortunate but it was handled well. I was also really impressed with the plating and presentation of the dishes.  This place is expensive yes, and we feel that it’s toeing the line of overpriced for what it is when we use Tables in Wonderland. It’s no longer the “must do” that it once was, but we enjoy it on our longer trips because the atmosphere is so relaxing. I’m pretty sure we don’t have it on the slate for our trip this year, so it will probably be another year or two before we see if things have changed with their offerings.

What are your thoughts on Le Cellier?  Opinions are very polarized for this particular restaurant, are you in the “love it” mindset or on the “leave it” team?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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