When I headed on a recent trip to Disney Springs, one of my first stops was the Ganachery because I’m a chocoholic. They only allow so many people in at a time, so like a true fan I hovered outside under the awning trying not to get too wet and yucky on this rainy afternoon. Then it was my turn, only one party in front of me for the wait so not too bad at all, I had heard it was much worse earlier in the week around the holidays.

Suddenly I was like a kid in a candy store, literally! This was just a very expensive candy store. I did question whether or not these tiny pieces of chocolate would be worth it, but oh my yes sir they were. I selected a box of six to enjoy over the next day or two on the trip, but also got 4 of their packaged candy bars to bring home (I still have 2 of them now!) to extend the yummy trip goodies. The flavors of the chocolate bars are fun and unique, inspired by Disney characters and locations. The fresh ganache flavors varied from basic to unique. I apparently got some of the top sellers including cinnamon, vanilla, and sea salt.

The selection is limited, but at the same time there is so much to choose from.  These little nooks in the walls held the premade options.  To give you an idea, there’s Goofy – dark chocolate with popping candy and Disneyland – dark chocolate orange.

They have an open kitchen where you can watch the candymakers in action.
A lovely touch inside the chocolate box.
My selections!
Overall the Ganachery has become an instant must-do for me.  It’s honestly some of the best chocolate I’ve ever had, smooth and creamy with a great variety of flavors.  The chocolate bars they sell are great souvenirs or gifts for those back home and travel and hold up quite well.
Have you ventured to the new Disney Springs to explore yet?  What do you think about this new chocolate shop?