I was pretty excited when they announced a seasonal character dining experience, as I’ve been several times I like to try to get photos with the characters in new outfits for a variety in my photos!  We actually hadn’t planned this one in advance, we got it while at Disney a day or two before we dined here, so it was one of the last reservations of the night which worked out well for us since the fireworks were pretty late and we were hoping to catch them!   Minnie’s Seasonal Dining is at dinner at Hollywood and Vine (which does Disney Jr. characters earlier in the day) and we were there around NYE so we had the Holiday/Christmas experience.

We made it for this dinner reservation just in time – don’t be late if you’re the last seating of the night, while we were waiting to be seated, I saw the next party get turned away even though they had an ADR and my heart broke for them a little.

You get a photo with Santa Goofy on the way in, this is the Photopass pic, it was a bit rushed but Santa Goofy is wildly popular with very long lines in the park, so it was still a nice perk.

We were sat at a two top in the back corner somewhat by the window, which proved for quite the entertainment as people walked by when the characters were nearby. The buffet was explained to us and we ordered cocktails from our enthusiastic server before heading up to explore. We had heard great things about the Lobster Mac and Cheese, but I don’t eat shellfish… thankfully there was plenty of other wonderful stuff to choose from!

The buffet options, along with the character’s choice of outfits, also changes with the season (as far as I know) so there seemed to be a definite hint of winter produce and holiday flavors, which I happen to love

There was a great salad selection

These butternut squash ravioli were my favorite!

Fresh carved meats were also great!

Mom did try the lobster mac and cheese and enjoyed it, you can definitely see the real chunks of lobster in there

Throughout dinner the characters stopped by and gave us lots of attention! Really everyone was in a great and friendly mood tonight   We saw Minnie, Mickey, Donald and Daisy.

Minnie even sat to enjoy with us for a few minutes
Our server giving Daisy a hug goodbye!

The characters were done for the evening but we weren’t quite done with dessert, so we headed back to the table to finish up and basically closed down the restaurant, it actually cleared out pretty quickly while we ate. However, we weren’t in any rush because our only next stop was the fireworks and we still had a bit of time, and at no point did we feel rushed out of the restaurant by the servers.

dessert selections – pretty basic but holiday themed
Overall we had a great time here and wouldn’t hesitate to go back for their other seasons.  For the amount of food, quality of the meats etc offered, and amazing character interaction, we thought the price was on point for a character meal.  They do accept the TiW discount here which of course also helps!  I hope they keep this around for a while so I get a chance to return.
Have you been to any of Minnie’s seasonal fares?  I’m interested to hear thoughts on some of the other versions they have done so far!  Leave a comment and let us know!