I thought it would be a good time to share this review as the Flying Fish Cafe is undergoing renovations and reopening with a new look and dropping Cafe from the name.  This was my first and now only time eating at this establishment and absolutely loved it, so I’m excited to see what the changes might have in store!
First off, the restaurant is nicely tucked away along the Boardwalk and it’s always just a lovely sight on a beautiful Florida day.

I headed into Flying Fish and the restaurant was nearly empty as it had really just opened, you don’t get a lot of timing option when you do an experience like this. They weren’t ready to seat me at the Chef’s Table yet so I took some pictures and headed over to the bar for an ice water while I waited.

In just a few minutes they moved me over to the Chef’s Table where I met a lovely couple, Ron and Marie, who would be my dining companions for the evening. It was their anniversary and their kids had set up this whole evening for them complete with a hotel room and a cab (not on Disney property) as they were living in Florida they wanted to have the full night off. They were wonderful dinner companions but at the same time I felt so bad for crashing their romantic anniversary dinner!  Just something to note if you look into doing an experience like this!

They had a lovely set up and we perused the menu to get excited about what would be coming our way. The first three courses were special ordered for me because I don’t eat shellfish. I felt special and annoying at the same time, but I really appreciated the extra effort from the chefs. The first three courses would have been scallop, crab, and a shrimp croquette.  Just one of the ways Disney is really amazing at the inclusive dining experience thing!

Amuse Bouche: quail egg and siberian sturgeon caviar, exotic petals and consomme

First Course: wild Alaskan ivory king salmon, tasso ham, varietal basil, golden tomato sauce

Second Course: miso-glazed sablefish, shaved bonito, takuan (pickled radish), and kimchi


Bread Course

Main Course: iron-seared lamb canon, confit pearl onions, merguez sausage, black trumpet and chanterelle mushrooms, with a rustic lamb au poivre sauce
Great view of what’s going on in the kitchen from these seats!

Dessert: sinful nutty chocolate delice creation
The restaurant had really filled up and the culinary team was hard at work!

All of the food was amazing. It can be a little scary going in for a chef-selected meal, but sometimes you just have to be brave and try new things!  It was a little challenging for me because some of it was stuff I don’t normally like, like salmon, but the way it was prepared here was divine. The meal was paced wonderfully and we all had a great time. I really enjoyed being able to watch the chef’s at work, it was obviously a well oiled machine in that kitchen.

I look forward to getting another chance to experience a great Chef’s Table meal at Disney World, and hope this is still an option when the restaurant reopens later this year.  What unique dining experiences have you done at WDW?