On Disney cruises of 7 nights or more, there is often the option to add a character dining experience to your plans.  This is not widely advertised, in fact, we didn’t even know it was an option on our first 7 night cruise!  It is something you can pre-plan online with the recent-ish updates to the DCL website.

We were lucky (for us anyway) and got the Fab 5 characters for this cruise because on some cruises it is the Disney Junior gang which doesn’t appeal to us!  If one or the other matters to you, be sure to double check when you are getting ready to plan or have your Travel Agent confirm for you!  It’s one or the other on the cruises, both don’t seem to be offered on the same itineraries.

We chose to start our first sea day with this experience and had a pretty early reservation time.  We arrived and were quickly sat with two other parties, one of which was quiet and finishing up when we sat down but there was another pair of ladies who were super friendly and we hit it off immediately! They were expert Disney cruisers – I believe one of them was a Platinum Castaway Club member so we had lots to talk about! We reviewed the menu and placed our order while we chatted.

familiar place settings for Animator’s Palate
Fun menus for the morning!

They come around with pastries similar to most of the sit-down breakfasts on the cruise. We both picked something different – I can never pass up a chocolate croissant / pain au chocolate!

A variety of spreads for the pastries

Looks like I didn’t do a great job photographing all the food – I’m sorry! According to mom the hash browns were great (I don’t eat potatoes!), but I’m not sure entirely what she actually ordered that included them. The denver omelette (I think I had ordered it…) left something to be desired so that was a bit disappointing, but I was able to get a combo plate instead which left me much more satisfied.

started with a half grapefruit – nice and fresh!
my sampler plate (chocolate chip pancakes!)

But of course the food wasn’t why we came – it was all about the characters! I think the photos in here actually came out pretty great so I was glad we chose to do this Mickey, Minnie and Goofy in their cruise attire are just so cute!

What do you think? Would you spend a sea day morning hanging with the characters?  Have you tried the Disney Junior one on another itinerary?  Let me know in the comments below!