Recently I was lucky enough to experience a Mediterranean cruise with my mom, leaving from Barcelona!  Over the next few weeks I plan to share some highlights of my trip with you all. First up, a taste of Spanish culture in Barcelona!

It was a beautiful night for a walk and there were a lot of people out and about. In a few short turns, we had found La Ramblas and headed down to find where our dinner and show would be tonight. We had no problem finding it and were too early! Since we had pre-purchased our tickets for this, they told us to go enjoy and come back basically at 7:30 when it started.

We wandered back up Las Ramblas and decided to stop at one of the many outdoor eateries for a “little” pre-dinner drink. A certain place had caught our eye on the way down so we wandered back to that one, although they were all pretty similar you probably couldn’t have gone wrong with any! Mind you, they are all very touristy, but in a good way There were also a bunch of cute little flower shops and your typical stores and hotels along the outside as well.

Mom and I easily found a table and were greeted by a very friendly staff. We both ordered the Mojito!

As you can tell, this was not your typical mojito, as these drinks were HUGE! We had a great time with them and sat and people-watched. The cost was not printed so we were not expecting such a big check, but the drinks were well-made and very sizable so it wasn’t too bad!

We finished up our drinks and headed back down the road to dinner. We easily checked in and were escorted upstairs to our table. The restaurant was small and cozy and there was a buffet set up in a small room as well. It almost felt like you were in someone’s house with a bunch of small rooms, we liked it!

We were greeted by their “signature” sangria cocktail and some fresh hummus and olives ready for us at the table. We enjoyed those bits before heading up to the buffet ourselves! Of course the signature dish was paella and the one negative about this place, they couldn’t keep it full on the buffet it was going so fast!   Here are a few of our selections – everything tasted great!

We made several trips up to the buffet, my favorite was actually a pasta dish but the paella was great too. The desserts were struggling to stay full as well but we eventually got them. We are slow eaters so in no time they were hurrying us along so we could go into the show. Those who purchased dinner got the first dibs on seats, and those just coming for the show filled in after, so they needed us to go in. We were the last one in from the dinner as we were just on dessert when they started moving people in, so our seats were in the “back”. However, the show area was also cozy so I don’t think there was a bad seat in the house!

The show was all in Spanish, so it can be a little hard to follow along, but the music and dancing were mesmerizing in any language! The show was mostly a no-photo zone until the end, but then we were able to get some good ones! So now I’ll let a few photos give you a small taste of our traditional Flamenco experience!

We thoroughly enjoyed the show and were so glad we made the decision to do dinner beforehand.  Have you ever gotten to experience traditional Flamenco?  Other highlights of Barcelona I should know about?  Let me know in the comments!

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